Address: GA-540-0829 +233 55 792 5442

About Agilis

We are a leading business development consulting firm that specialize in Freelance Consulting, Recruitment consulting, InfoTech consulting and Marketing Consulting (marketing plan, guerrilla marketing and franchise promoting services for the startups, retailers, franchises, and manufacturers to create a sustainable growth through the flourishing growth into diverse markets), for a start-ups, SMEs, and MSMEs as well as identify, analyze and solve client’s problems. The human capital at Agilis Consulting is unparalleled as we are passionate about leveraging Information Technology to drive business and market performance.

Founded in August 2011, Agilis Consulting has grown to become Ghana’s Most formidable and trusted business consulting firm, providing consulting services in Marketing, Recruitment, Information Technology and more. We focus on offering consulting services in startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, franchises and retailers.

We prepare various documents such as marketing plan and guerrilla marketing strategy for a start – ups, SMEs, and MSMEs as well as identify, analyze and solve client’s problems.

Our goal is to provide excellent professional services in the area of Recruitment, business start-up, marketing and branding. We offer customized services as per client’s specifications and standards. We will prepare reports to your exact specifications. We are familiar with clients from manufacturers, Hospitality, retailers, service providers, e-commerce and real estate to covering many sectors.

Our Vision

It is our vision to become a leading consulting firm that partakes the solution, and offer customer satisfaction & value creation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the most efficient and effective provider of first-class consulting services globally.