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Marketing Strategy

We are a professional consultant who provides marketing advice in a specific area such as marketing strategy, strategic management, guerrilla marketing, international marketing and online promotion.

We are generally called upon to advise around areas of product development and connected marketing matters as well as marketing strategy.

Benefits of a marketing consultation We have a practical expertise and experience in management skills such as marketing research, projects, training, team management, strategic planning and customer satisfaction. When the clients are in burning money with a wrong model and weak sales, our team consults them to write down marketing plan based on their specific budget.

What do we do?

  • We perform as an independent consultant for sales and marketing training, advertising or marketing communication along with brand management strategy and processes.
  • We study company profile and operations to understand its marketing needs and prepare detailed proposals and marketing plans.
  • We write marketing research reports to identify industry trends and commercial opportunities.
  • We develop and implement a marketing strategy according to objectivities and budgets.
  • We advise on branding, promotion, guerrilla marketing, positioning, communications and other marketing issues.
  • We also give you best direction to marketing efforts with the most effective methods and tools.
  • We supervise project output inclusive of sales kit preparation, collateral/field support and so on.

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