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Recruitment has become a Tasky duty with all the risk of not knowing or choosing the right Candidate. Leave that to us and We will find you the perfect candidate.


A good recruitment process can be the foundation for an excellent Recruitment consulting. Agilis is the One place you come to when you are in a situation where you really need to fill a role before something goes wrong. 

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Client's Need Assessment

You can’t find what you need . . . if you don’t know what you need. It’s not enough to know that you need [insert position title here]. You must also know the complete job description. However, you must know the description as the last employee who left in the position left it, NOT the description when that person took the job. That’s because chances are good that they took on new/additional responsibilities while in the position. Now the job when they left is different than they job when they arrived.

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Talent Search

This is a case where you need to be a “hunter” and not a “gatherer.” Too many companies are “gatherers,” thinking that superstar candidates are going to rain down from the sky like so much manna. No, they are not. Once again, this is why companies hire “headhunters.” They hunt, they do not gather. Not only that, but they’re good at what they do. Hiring authorities and even companies with internal recruiters often cannot match the expertise and connections of a recruiter who “works in the trenches” of the industry day after day.

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Talent Selection

Finding candidate is also not enough. An organization (or its recruiter) must also find qualified candidates. Anybody can find candidates. They’re everywhere. But those high-level A-players, the kind of candidates your competition would kill for? They’re NOT everywhere. So searching for them, finding them, and identifying them will be more difficult if the first three steps in the process have not been undertaken.

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Recruitment Options

The Agilis Strategic Recruitment Consultancy covers Recruitment, Outsourcing, Job placement, Resume review, interview coaching etc..

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Once viable candidates have been identified, they must be recruited. In other words, they must be sold on not only the opportunity, but also on the organization. Some organizations miss this important distinction. Top candidates are not just interested in a great new job. They’re interested in a great new job with a great new employer. If they like the job, but they don’t also like the employer, then they’re not going to take the job. As mentioned above, recruiting is a major facet of the recruitment process.

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There are two important aspects of this part of the recruitment process:

  1. It can’t stretch out too long, or candidates involved will lose interest.
  2. Employers must communicate to candidates where they are in the process and what to expect in the near term or they will start looking elsewhere. This is a particular danger with top candidates, since they are more than likely interviewing with more than one organization.

Sure, there are other important aspects of the interview stage, but these are the two that companies neglect the most, with predictably dire consequences.

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Offer & Placement

This stage is one of the most delicate stages of the recruiting process. A hiring manager should never take for granted that a candidate is going to accept an offer. However, if they’ve done all of the proper work beforehand and they’ve double and triple-checked everything, then the candidate should accept the majority of the time. Here’s an important note: if an organization is working with a search consultant, the hiring manager of that organization should let the search consultant extend the offer. That’s what the candidate expects, and that’s what should happen.

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The Agilis JobBoard

Agilis offers a Jobboard with the individual African in mind. For those seeking to change careers, and those seeking to employ the right candidate, Agilis Jobs is the Key.

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