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Website Design

Agilis offers you an unbeatable rates and designs based on your requirements, do not search further, visit our office or contact us online, tell us what you want, we help deliver !

Software Solutions

You can call on us for your software solutions at an unbeatable rates and services. We love to serve you better. Ever thought of having an idea running? Get in touch with us let us build it for you from scratch !

Shop Online / eCommerce

Online Shopping has never been made easier than this, buy almost anything online via our eShop & simply pay with Bitcoin. We also assist you buy almost anything possible online.

Computer Networking & General Installations

From your computers, to your private or public servers at your various offices or homes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for an amazing setups. We fix, we set up, we build and have things running for you. Feel free to call on us when then need arises!

Online Advertisement

Advertising is a reality in todays online world. It helps some cover hosting costs and provides others with billions of dollars in revenue. Learn how you can achieve this with responsive clicks, you’re simply a click away, get in touch with us to start advertising your business today!

Graphic & Video Design/Productions

Based on your requirements & wants, we put down what you need. For your graphic & video works, look no further, get in touch with us today!

Entrepreneurship & Mentor-ship

With our experienced team of Online Networkers/entrepreneurs, we are able to advice/recommend a wide range of genuine online biz opportunities where you can make money passively/actively. With our tested & proven programs, you can earn as much as you want on a daily/weekly/monthly basis depending on your choice of programs plus free career mentorship & personal trainings, connect with us & become your own boss.

Phones, Computers & General IT device Solutions

Feel free to walk into our office to buy your Smartphones & computers, You can buy almost anything through the Agilis Store. Have a free look at our eShop ! We provide delivery services across Ghana & Nigeria. Want to buy anything online ? Just feel free to connect with us.

Business & Recruitment Consultancy

We work with our clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, and helps clients develop business skills and knowledge right for their passions. We have a business package for you. Feel free to communicate with us your needs. Both Online/Offline business consultancy services. Tell us what you need, we have a package right for you.

Interested in any of our services?
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We consult start-ups, entrepreneur and retailers who are trying to create and sell new product and unfamiliar with lean startup methodology also improve their marketing strategies to make them more effective and impacting.
We implement a marketing strategy based on specific budget which requires researching to carefully study the competition of relative products.
We perform as an independent consultant for sales and marketing training, advertising or marketing communication along with brand management strategy and processes.


When the clients are spending money on a wrong strategies and weak sales. We consult them to write a marketing plan based on their specific budget.
We bring our insight, experience and detailed process to the table and develop a clear marketing strategy and plans for your business.
Prepare training curriculum plus best practices suggestions to implement by marketing as well as distribution team.
Supervise project output inclusive of sales kit preparation, collateral/field support and so on.